Win Back Unsubscribed Customers with RetentionGrid

Jake StottAd Retargeting

Does this situation sound familiar? You have customers coming through the door, you are sending out regular emails and overall everything is working out. However, you notice that a number of people unsubscribe every time you send out an email.

What happens to these customers? What happens after the ‘Opt-Out Wall of Silence’?

According to Mailchimp, on average 0.21% of people unsubscribe from your email every time it is sent. So if you email 1000 people about 2 unsubscribe every time. You could have a higher unsubscribe rate than this and the other thing to think about is this adds up over time. 2 people a week for 2 years, is about 200 people that are unreachable over the wall of silence.

Why do people unsubscribe?

Firstly you might want to think about minimizing your unsubscribe rate, but I would say anything less than 1% means your emails are ticking most boxes.

These are some quick tips to lower unsubscribes:

  • Make sure your email is mobile optimized. Half of emails are now opened on mobile and if it doesn’t look right, it looks wrong!
  • Provide value and make it worth it. If people open your email they want to find out something exciting, a product, a new range, an offer, some news or just something interesting. Think about your content, would you read it?
  • Listen to customer feedback. You should hopefully have had conversations with some of your customers, what are they asking for? Reflect customer desires in your email campaigns.
  • Don’t send too much! At RetentionGrid we certainly are advocates of sending regular email, as this is the best way to boost your customer retention. But don’t email your customers too much. For most businesses once or twice a week is sufficient. If you are emailing everyday, you had better have a lot to offer or know that’s what your customers want.
  • Be sure to be clear that it’s you emailing them, either using something like “Jake at RetentionGrid” or “RetentionGrid” as the sender. Also make sure the email is recognizable as your brand or your customers may unsubscribe because they don’t know it’s you!

How can RetentionGrid Win Back Unsubscribed Customers?

Well you obviously can’t email these customers, that is against SPAM regulations. So don’t do that. One thing you can do though is appeal to these customers via something like Facebook Custom Audiences. Facebook Custom Audiences allows you to run ads to just the email addresses you provide. This could be your whole customer base, or in this case just the email addresses who have unsubscribed from your list or just don’t accept email marketing.

This gives you a chance to repair your relationship with the customer, win them back and live happily ever after. So those 200 unsubscribed customers we mentioned earlier are not lost forever and this is how you get that list in RetentionGrid.

Head to the ‘Filters’ tab, Choose ‘Invest in Ads’ and update filters. This will give all the unsubscribed customers on your list that we see in RetentionGrid. Now ‘Download CSV’ and this gives you a file that you can upload straight Facebook.


Once your in Facebook, you just have to come up with the ad you want to run. If you need to create a custom banner for the ad and you don’t have a designer. Try Canva, it’s probably my favourite tool on the web and you can easily create banners of any size for free and without a designer. Trust me, check it out if you need help on design. This took me 2 minutes.


Now set your Facebook Ad campaign live and start bringing back your unsubscribed customers, with the help of RetentionGrid.