Opportunity Mining. Automated Selling.

RetentionGrid predicts and produces repeat business for your online shop.

Delightfully simple technology: RetentionGrid enables non-technical marketing and sales persons to capture the power of big data, act on it, and measure their success

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See your one-time buyers and weekly repeat sales. Understand customer loyalty and lifecycle at a glance.

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Opportunity Alerts

You’ll get a weekly email telling you exactly when and how to act to generate more repeat business from specific sets of customers.

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Customer Grid

You’ll see the buying rhythms of segments, and individual customers. You can adjust the filters to fine-tune groups by country, order value, tags, and more.

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Smart Campaigns

Send personalized, timely, and relevant communications. Include hyper-targeted product recommendations for each customer. Send once or automate with triggers based on individual lifecycle criteria.

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ROI Reporting

Monitor the effectiveness of messaging, special offers, and return on investment for every retention campaign you send.