Increase Retention by Creating an Emotional Bond with New Customers

Jake StottCustomer Retention

Loyal customers who buy from you repeatedly over a long period of time are the very foundation of a sustainable business. Here we will show you how to use RetentionGrid to set up triggered messaging and make your new customers more loyal. Not only is converting your customers from the first to second order the first step in the process, it is the most important conversion you will make. In our analysis of more than 14 million online shoppers:

  • 21% of those who bought once bought again
  • 46% of those who bought twice bought again
  • 61% of those who bought three times bought again

Two-time buyers are more than twice as likely to buy again! Furthermore, repeat customers don’t just buy more, they spend more. The Adobe 2012 report, “The ROI from Marketing to Existing Online Customers,” states that in the U.S., repeat shoppers, who represented just 8 percent of all site visitors, accounted for nearly 41 percent of total online sales.

So how can you convert more new customers into repeat customers? Reach out to them repeatedly with messages and offers customized appropriately to their interests and to their relationship with your business at that exact moment in time.

Create an Emotional Bond with New Customers.

Begin by keeping the relationship warm shortly after your customers place their first order. Don’t start selling again immediately — take a little time to create an emotional connection, give them reasons to fall in love with your brand.

  • Reiterate your gratitude to your customers for their last purchases, and remind them of any special care or usage instructions.
  • A bit later, send them something personal that reflects your brand values — for example, the story behind your company or a list of your favorite things to read, eat, or do.
  • After a little while longer, about 4 weeks for example, offer a time-limited discount on a second order.

With RetentionGrid you can set up Triggered Campaigns to send these emails automatically. Simply by selecting the purple ‘New’ segment, click ‘Filter Segment’ and then the green ‘Create Campaign’ button. With one setup you can start a set of welcome emails that establish an emotional connection with your brand.

Nudge customers over that invisible barrier from first to second order within a reasonable time-frame, keep fostering an enjoyable experience, and the ripple effects will begin to spread. As you convert more new customers to loyal, you will achieve the multiplier effect on repeat orders. This is because loyal customers are also the best brand ambassadors and sources for referrals!

The time and money you spend on cultivating repeat customers through retention marketing and sales is the most effective way to grow your bottom line while creating a solid foundation for future business.