How to Add a Header Image to Your RetentionGrid Campaigns

Jake StottRetentionGrid Segments

You’ve selected a segment and you now want to email them. Well a great place to start with your email designs is adding a header image. This will be the first thing your customer sees when they open the email.

The most common thing we see is customers adding in their logo as the header image. This is a great best practice and will make it obvious to your customers who the email is from. However feel free to play around with other image types such as a specific banner for Big Spenders saying “You’re a VIP”

When you’re creating your first campaign, you will probably see the Preferences window on top of the campaign editor. We show this because there is still some information missing to send your first campaign. If you don’t see it, or if you accidentally closed it, you can access it by clicking the ‘Preferences’ button below the editor or in your general settings.

header preferences

In the preferences you can upload a header image that will appear on top of your campaigns. Just choose a file from your computer that doesn’t exceed 570 by 200 pixels, to make sure your banner looks great in your campaigns.

header images

In your settings you can also change the background color of your header, the color of your links and call to action buttons. As soon as you hit ‘Save’, the header will be available in the drop down list in the editor.
If you want to use different headers for different campaigns, you can go back to the Preferences and upload more headers, which will then appear in the editor.