Say Hello to Your New Retention Marketing Team

No time to figure out retention? No worries!

Our expert team will analyze your business, create your customer retention strategy and run your campaigns. We’ll develop content, manage automation, monitor performance, and optimize over time. We’ll make your life simple, and we’ll make you more profitable money.

Start Fast

Get your new retention program up and running in less than a month

Save Time

You'll guide the strategy and we'll take care of everything else

Grow Repeaters

Turn more one-timer buyers into repeat customers

Boost Loyalty

Turn repeat customers into loyal, engaged fans and brand advocates

Extend Lifetime

Stay engaged to increase your customer lifetime value

You Can Buy Profitable Growth

As a small business owner, it’s common to want to try and do everything yourself. It happens all the time. The challenge is, when you’re constantly running from one thing to the next, your business actually suffers as you become time-starved. Strategic stuff like retention often gets neglected, even though it’s the foundation for building your business sustainably.

Customer retention is a missed opportunity that’s bigger than you realize.  Repeat customers buy more, more often, at higher prices. The return-on-investment is a no-brainer. We can get your retention program up and running fast, and we will grow your business by keeping your customers coming back.

“Our RetentionGrid campaigns have earned $230,864 in the last 18 months and we don’t even lift a finger. It’s awesome.”

– Jason Caluori, EarthLED

“RetentionGrid is great at running our win-back campaigns. So far they’ve brought back thousands of customers to our business!”

– Petr Ogurcak, SAM73

“The RG team is our money-making machine. We earn $22 for every $1 we spend with them – and it’s very easy.”

– Eric McNeal, Platinum Wigs

How We Work for You

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    Custom Data Analysis

    First, we'll help you understand the signals in your data and how to act to improve customer loyalty.

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    Strategy Development

    Second, we'll craft your email engagement and branding strategy across the customer lifecycle.

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    Content Storyboarding

    Third, we'll get creative and transform your email touch points into a cohesive branded experience.

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    Copywriting & Design

    Fourth, we'll smith together compelling words, a visually appealing design and a high converting email layout.

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    Template Coding

    Fifth, we'll develop a master and code all of your responsive templates including placement of UTM codes.

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    Testing & Adjustments

    Sixth, we'll test the content links and viewability in various clients and devices and tweak them to perfection.

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    Automated Campaign Setup

    Seventh, we'll set up triggering conditions for each campaign so they're sent automatically over time.

    Bonus: We'll also handle the manual setup and sends of your one-off retention campaigns as they come up.

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    Monthly Updates

    As needed we update coupon codes, hero images and make other tweaks to your creative content.

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    Reporting & Optimization

    We'll review your campaigns regularly to review what's working, what isn't, and we'll recommend and implement changes to improve your results.

Keep Your Customers Coming Back

Let’s start with a short conversation about your business…

Contact us to set up a call to chat about your goals, your business, and how we can help you grow more profitably.

It’s easy to learn from our experts about whether retention is right for your business right now.