Adding Product Recommendations to RetentionGrid Campaigns

Jake StottRetentionGrid Segments

One of the best features of the RetentionGrid editor is the ability to add product recommendations to your customer campaigns. Product Recommendations based on customers buying habits are a powerful way of personalizing an email campaign.

Being able to make individual suggestions to everyone of your customers in an automated way is a great way to boost retention and get them coming back for more. It gives a personal touch to your emails without overloading your resources, and customers really love what feels like a super-personal touch.

Adding Product Recommendations in the RetentionGrid Editor

We make it easy to add product recommendations to all of your email campaigns and you can choose whatever format you like. You can have 3, 6 or 9 recommendations depending on just how many products you want to show off. Please note that this is a general setting in the editor, so when you choose 3, 6 or 9, every time you add products to any campaign they will all have the same number added. The default is set at 3.

Furthermore, adding a line of text above them saying something like “Recommended For You” is also a nice personal touch that highlights the extra value.

Each recommendation links back to the product page directly in your store, which helps increase your conversions to revenue.

To pick you how many recommendations to show, click on the preferences button on the bottom left of the editor. After you selected the number of products the app will remember it for you and apply it to all campaigns.


Back in the Campaign Editor, there are two options for adding products to your campaign. You can insert popular products, which will show the top selling products from your shop or recommended products, which are selected based on the individual customer’s previous purchasing behavior. To add them to your campaign, just click on ‘insert popular products’ or ‘insert recommended products’.

The products will be inserted as a tag, but if you’d like to see what it would look like for your customers, click on ‘Preview & Test’.



We hope this gives you a straightforward way to add personalization to all of your email campaigns and boost your customer retention.