5 Insights about Your Customers in under 5 Minutes

Jake StottRetentionGrid Segments

You know your business better than anyone, better than any software solution. But a simple and powerful application can be of big help to you. RetentionGrid shows you key performance indicators and enables you to take immediate actions to increase repeat customers. Our top-level Grid alone will provide you with these 5 insights about your business in just minutes:

1. How loyal your customers are to your business, and how that loyalty has evolved over time.

This can be found by looking at the customer retention graph on the top right of the Grid tab.

customer retention graph

2. One-time buyers versus your total number of customers.

This can be found just next to your purple new segment on the Grid tab.

Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 11.58.01

3. The percentage of customers in your loyal segment versus the percentage of revenue they contribute.

This can be found by clicking on your green loyal segment and you will see some metrics. Just next to ‘customers’ you will see a number then a percentage. The percentage is your amount of ‘Loyal’ customers. Don’t be disheartened if it’s lower than you thought. Just aim to improve it. 1% can be a good number if you sell items that people don’t buy very often.

Grid popout

4. The customer group with the highest average order value, as a benchmark for all segments.

To find this, click on the each segment. On the bottom of the pop out window, you will see average order value and you can see which segment has the highest.

5. The customer group who bring in the most revenue, as a benchmark for all segments.

Click on a segment, You will also see the revenue that segment has made you, just about the average order value for that segment. The percentage tells you what percentage of revenue that segment has brought in.


Also when clicking on any segment you not only see a detailed customer table, but more importantly there are two buttons, ‘Download CSV’ and ‘Filter Segment’. Both of these will allow you to target this segment with an email campaign. ‘Filter Segment’ let’s you do this inside the RetentionGrid app.

Knowing and using these insights can help you work smarter, faster, and more profitably. Tap into the power of RetentionGrid to keep your customers coming back!