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Intuitive customer loyalty segmentation and lifecycle analytics with automated marketing campaigns for your e-commerce business.

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  • “Holy **** Batman. As I run a shop that offers people-products many love to buy regularly but some, for whatever reason, forget about us after a while, RetentionGrid is absolutely awesome to reconnect with those people. RetentionGrid can’t do everything for you, you still need to offer great products and know how to engage with your customers, but they do 99% of the legwork. Simply outstanding.”
    – Chocolatiers
  • “What an awesome app!! We hit a wall with our marketing becoming very one-dimensional. Retention Grid opened up a whole new way of looking at our database and in the FIRST WEEK BROUGHT IN $3600 IN SALES!! We had the app installed for 3 months before trying it- don’t make that mistake… if you have an existing customer base then this app is for you…”
    – Organic Meat Online

Jam Packed with Features

Intuitive Loyalty Segments

See your customers like never before. You’ll understand whose loyal, who’s not and where to take action, all at-a-glance.

Smart Filters & Advanced Segments

Create custom segments, find your Big Spenders, target your Coupon Clippers, and send different campaigns by country.

Personal Product Recommendations

Inject recommended products into your campaigns to catch your customers eyes and get them clicking for more.

NEW: Abandoned Cart Campaigns*

67.45% of shoppers abandon the order process before it’s complete – we’ll help you recover 30–40%!

*Services customers only

Customer Lifecycle Analytics

Convert more one-time buyers into repeat customers to increase profitability and build greater customer lifetime value.

Broadcast Emails by Segment

The easy-to-use campaign creation editor allows you to design, test and send emails to your customers on the fly.

Advertising Retargeting Lists

Segment, filter and download email lists that can be used for retargeting with Facebook Custom Audiences and more.

Repeat Order Tracking

Monitor revenue from repeat orders over time to track the impact of your retention marketing.

Triggered Lifecycle Campaigns

Set ’em and forget ’em – automated lifecycle emails can be triggered based on days since last order or number of orders.

Performance & Revenue Reporting

Monitor campaign performance: opens, clicks and revenue helps you learn what keeps your customer coming back.

Powerful, Easy-to-Use and Affordable

Revenue Created

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